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Back in training……………………

The time has come to resume my quest to participate in the Disney half marathon. We don’t know which one, The Tower of Terror or the Wine and Food, but, one of them for sure. They are both in the Fall so I have time.

First, some old business!

As I suspected, the holidays, Valentines Day, and the RenFest, just to name a few, have contributed to a little weight gain! Jumping on the scale today, the 241 pound reading wasn’t unexpected. The combination of food, pain medication, alcohol, see pain medication, for my teeth, have all contributed to a tightness of my daily garments! The good news, is that all of the previous mentioned issues are resolved, so now, back to training.

The first issue is to lose some weight. I will not be embarking on some wild and untested diet. I will not be injecting myself with anything, hormones or otherwise, nor will I be starving myself. I will accomplish my weight loss the old-fashioned way, hard work and sweat. This started today. The “diet” if you will, is based on the Atkins diet, mainly due to my gluten issues. There will be plenty of meat, cheese, eggs, fish, and the occasional vegetable, combined with eliminating any soft drinks, caffeine, and alcohol.

This morning, I meandered over to the gym and did 15 minutes on the treadmill and 15 minutes on the stationary bike, just to see where I am at as far as conditioning goes. It was also a chance to test out my latest set of shoes, Asics GT-2170’s, and they seem to be OK. The Brooks shoes I had, which were designed for “over-pronators”,  just put too much strain on my calves. The other shoes I have, the Asics Kahanas, put too much strain on my knees, which I just can’t tolerate. The 2170’s seem to be a happy medium. Everything hurts equally!

The machines at YouFit have a USB port so you can copy your workout onto a flash drive, which is pretty neat! I’ll have to remember to bring the flash drive to the gym. After the light workout on the machines, it was time for the Monday workout, which is chest and arms. That went well and then I had some chores to do.

As I type this, I was concerned that there might  be some swelling with my left knee as it did start to hurt about an hour after the workout. So far, all is well. Tomorrow will be a light workout on the machines and then a light leg workout.

The next weigh-in will be on Friday…stay tuned!


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