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A return to the Arena!

After a brief scare two weeks ago, I am officially proclaiming myself ready to begin training for the Disney half marathon in November of this year.

First, the “scare”. Two weeks ago, I was in Orlando with the wife’s family and two rounds of golf were on the agenda. The first round went as well as expected and I finished shooting a 92. Not bad for not playing for three months! Shortly after the round, I felt a slight pain in my left knee. An ice pack later and a day’s rest, Christmas, and it was time for another round.

Half way through the second round, I began to feel pain and tightness in my left knee. This was a first! Normally, there is no pain when I golf, with the exception of reading the scorecard afterwards! This time, the pain got steadily worse and by the time I returned back to the homestead, I could barely place any weight on my left leg. I was almost tempted to call Dr. Baylis, but I remembered what had happened during the round of golf.

On one of the holes, and I can’t remember which one, I put my tee shot into a bunker. Bunker shots are no problem for me as I tend to swing right through anything, including sand. On this particular shot, I got a little “deep” and the ball barely got out of the trap which left me a 15 foot putt to save par. That was the good news. The bad news was that I heard something “snap” in my left knee. The “snap” wasn’t the usual everyday walking snap, this one was loud and hurt.

It would appear that whatever piece of debris has been floating around in my knee for the last year, got lodged in between a joint and was crushed. The good news is that there is no more pain in the rear of my knee or any locking. The bad news is that my entire knee is bruised and sore!

After several hours of ice and a liberal dosage of Vicodin, I am once again pain-free.

Tomorrow begins the official training regiment. It is apparent to me that my legs, due to neglect and a lack of training, have deteriorated to the point that I can barely walk! This will be addressed in my workouts. I will focus on the lower body instead of the upper body. After all, in construction, you need a good foundation……….!

I will detail my training methods in upcoming blog posts.

Stay tuned!


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  1. Hi, how are you??

    I have the Garmin 405… If I had mor disposable income, I wouldpurchase the 610… But my 405 is still working perfectly after 2.5 years…

    No complaints with the watch, the data the watch provides is amazing after you upload it to a computer


    Comment by bearrunner | January 10, 2012 | Reply

  2. I am making a return back to training finally!
    If the 405 is working, I’d keep it.
    If I get one of these, I’d probably go for the 610.
    By the way…Does this thing tell time? 🙂

    Comment by magnuminsp | January 10, 2012 | Reply

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