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The return of the blog……again!

The last six months have been filled with a combination of work, injuries, more work, and just complete chaos on all fronts. In other words, everything is normal!

After returning from the dentist yesterday, I am finally ready to return to training for next years Disney Half Marathon. All of my previous injuries have healed, although, there are a couple of new ones! Welcome to 51 years old.

Next week begins the official training regiment which will consist of weight training, running, cycling and diet. All will be documented in the weeks to come.

One of the reasons for the recent departure from the blog was a “slight heart issue”, which was cause for concern. After numerous tests, pokes and prods, there is, as I predicted, nothing wrong with me. Just a simple issue with alcohol and excessive sugar triggering an erratic heart beat. After receiving the clean bill of health from my “team” of doctors, I can resume training.

Today and tomorrow will be the last days of eating and drinking like a King, to be followed next week by a return to the Atkins diet. There are many misconceptions about this diet, many I will dispel during the upcoming posts. This also will interlope with my gluten issues. There are many who are spreading false information with regards to nutrition, vitamin absorption, and a host of other issues that go along with having gluten intolerance. I will attempt to correct some of those misconceptions.

There will also, as I am nearing the end of this particular journey, be a post dedicated to the many problems that I have had to endure with regards to my teeth. Look for “The Terrible Teeth” post in the coming weeks. As with the other posts, The Ugly Elbow &  The Pain at Wounded Knee, the purpose is to make others aware in order to prevent them from making the same mistakes I have made, with regards to doctors, surgeries, etc.

For now, that is all……………………


Stay tuned………………………………………..


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