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Four Weeks on Injured Reserve!

It has been four weeks since I saw my doctor who advised me to take some time off. In that time, I have rested my legs and I think, as of this time, I will still be able to compete at the Disney half marathon.

In the meantime, my workout program has come to a grinding halt. Through no fault of my own, the gym I was working out at closed. Then, I found out recently, that option two, Health Clubs of America, has also closed!

It looks like the next gym will be Youfit, which is a mile up the road, but does open at 5:00 am, so next week I’ll be joining that gym and resuming my workout program. Good thing I kept a record of my workouts!

Next week will also start the return to training for the Disney half. Very slow at first and if everything works out and I can stay injury free, then the hard training will begin. I am confident that the injuries have been a learning experience and taught me that my body isn’t 20 years old and that will have to be taken into account when I resume training.

There is some more good news, although I have not been training, I have been working a lot and that gets me out of the house, which means, I am not sitting home all day eating! I have managed to shed a few more pounds and am currently hovering around 212 pounds which is 12 pounds away from the goal weight of 200. Once the running resumes, I am sure the extra 12 pounds will come right off and then, I will see how much more I can lose prior to the race in October. I think that the lighter I am, the easier things should be for my joints.

Until next week……..


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  1. woohoo! So, “finish 13.1 in an upright position and ahead of the sweeper bus” is not so bad of a goal after all?

    Twelve more pounds is about what I’d like to lose too. I’d say I’d race you to it, but I know you’ll get there much faster than I will.

    Comment by Jen | May 31, 2011 | Reply

  2. I would just like to finish least start! 🙂

    Comment by magnuminsp | May 31, 2011 | Reply

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