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Week 2 off!

Last week was a complete disaster. First, I find out that the gym I joined two months ago, is out of business. Now, it appears, I will have to join the gym I used to be a member of, which I am not real pleased about. Hopefully, they allow monthly billing as I don’t know how long I can stand the place! At that time, I will see how much strength I have lost, hopefully, not much!

After completing the GNC Total Body Cleanse, I can now resume taking the NoExplod supplement. That will start when I join a new gym. I also managed to shed a few more pounds and am down to 215 pounds! It seems that I am starting to lose weight faster than I thought, which is a good thing. This week I start back on the Atkins diet with a little fruit added.

On the running front, the calf is getting better and I will start riding the bike this week. I will also be riding the bike to the gym as it is closer. I am going to begin training for the Disney half marathon this week, very slowly. I will most likely just start by walking two or three miles a day until I feel that I can start running again.

The biggest issue with the calf injury is that I just can’t sit around with my leg up in the air for six weeks! Work and the other things I have to do around the home still have to get done and Marshall isn’t quite big enough to help…yet!

Some time next week I will be back in the gym and hopefully, training for the Disney race. I was hoping to run in another 5K  or longer by now, but, I don’t want to risk another injury.

Until later……………………….


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