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Update: The week off!

I have decided to give my body a complete rest, if that is possible, from working out or any type of training this week. My right calf has been bothering me, and as I have to work, I am trying to rest it when I can.

Work has really gotten in the way of training! Although I train early in the morning, climbing in 120 degree attics in the afternoon tends to wear one out. Even myself!

Easter did not put much of a dent in the diet. I only gained four pounds and that will be gone by Friday.

Next week I will resume training and it will be more geared towards cardiovascular workouts.

I would like to get a little stronger with my chest and arms, but everything else will be with lighter weights and more repetitions. This will also help to “shape” the muscles and then when the remaining 20-30 pounds are gone, my body fat should be around 11%. At least that is the goal.

I am also going to focus on bike riding and whenever possible, walking in order to prepare for the days when I can start running again.

I have to work the rest of the week, am getting fitted for a new set of golf clubs and a have garage sale Saturday.

Sunday will be a complete off day spent with drinks by the pool! 🙂

Until next week………………………………….


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