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The week in review!

As I was very busy with that four letter word, work, I haven’t had much time to post on the blog. So, I’ll just give some updates here to catch up as I have to start preparing Easter Dinner.

Weight training

The weight training program was basically the same as the previous weeks.

Monday: Heavy chest and arms. The only difference is with the chest exercises as I am now using the traditional bench and free weights for the bench press. 185 pounds for the weight and three sets of ten reps. I am not pushing the weight as my left elbow is still a little weak. In one of the upcoming posts, I will detail the “ugly elbow”!

I also had to eliminate one of the tricep exercises as this led to a calf injury Monday. More on that in the running section.

Tuesday was an off day.

Wednesday was back and shoulders and there were some minor increases in weight used.

Thursday was leg day. In this case, only the left leg. My left leg is still smaller than my right leg and for a while, I will just work one leg. There is another reason. The right calf injury is pretty severe and requires rest.

Friday was a light chest and arms day.


The running program has been put on hold due to the calf injury.

Here is the whole story. Way back two and a half months ago, I made the mistake of not stretching before I ran the second mile of the day after a workout. I figured I was warmed up from working out so I would be OK.

I went to the doctor this Wednesday to see exactly what I have done to myself and here is the answer. A severely torn right calf muscle. This occurred as a result of my own stupidity. The first “tweak” occurred two and a half months ago. unbeknownst to me, I tore the muscle then. It never healed. A couple of weeks later, I tore it again, slightly. What I thought was “soreness” was actually a torn muscle. This pattern continued until the day I was running and it “balled up”. After that, the calf raise incident tore it even further and now, any extreme movement of the calf will tear it again.

My doctor has instructed me not to do anything with regards to my right calf, which includes running, weight training, or anything else which may re-injure the calf, for at least a month, possibly two or more. No surgery is required but after the calf heals, a lot of stretching has to be done to prevent this injury from happening again. I am also going to stay away from calf raises as my calves are strong enough. Fortunately, I don’t have to wear a “boot” to protect the calf, and I can’t. Why you may ask?

Not only do I have a torn calf on my right leg, but, I also have a bone spur on the back of my left heel! Fortunately, it is small and just some Advil should take care of the  pain. I could take some anti-inflammatory medicine, however, that slows the healing of the right calf muscle! The rest of my lower body is fine. The doctor took x-rays of my right leg and knee as well as my left ankle and all look fine.

How does this effect my goal to run in the Disney 1/2 at the wine and food festival? I still plan on running the race. If I don’t hurt myself and my calf heals in two months, I think four months will be enough time to get ready. My endurance has never seemed to be a problem so I think it will just be a matter of learning how to run without hurting myself.

I can still ride a bicycle and the stationary bike without using my calf, so I can build my endurance that way until I can resume running.

Although not really a goal, more of a byproduct of training, here is an update on the weight loss.

As of January 1, 2011, my weight was 248 pounds.

As of yesterday, April 22, 2011 my weight was 218 pounds for a total weight loss of 30 pounds in slightly over three months. This is the first time in at least 15 years that I have managed to weigh less than 220 pounds. Meanwhile, I am also building muscle as my chest arms, back and shoulders are getting bigger.

Next week will be more weight training and cardiovascular work. A half hour Tuesday and Thursdays with the leg workouts and nightly bicycle rides of 5 miles of more are the plan. Hopefully, while my calf heals, I can continue to build my endurance so that when I start running again, I should be in better shape and be able to make gains faster. I hopefully, also will continue to lose weight in order to get down to 200 pounds or below, which should also help my running.

I hope everyone has a Happy Easter!

Until next week…………………………………


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