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Weekend update..not what we are looking for!

The day stated off well enough. Woke up way late, 11:00 am, ate breakfast, and enjoyed a little time with the family. Since Marshall decided to take a rare nap, I took this opportunity to complete my Sunday chores, which consist of, mowing he lawn and cleaning the pool.

During the mowing the lawn portion of my chores, my right calf began to hurt. Not a sore kind of hut, but the stabbing kind of hurt. It is now painfully apparent to me, that my original calf injury, some six weeks ago,is far more severe than I thought. All of the reading I have done indicates that this type of injury may be cured, without surgery, in six months or with surgery, a year or more.

I sincerely hope it is a minor injury that does not require any surgery. This would be devastating to me and also would more than likely eliminate any chance at running in the Disney half marathon. I would be effectively be going on “IR” for the next year, and at fifty, I don’t have that many years left as it pertains to any athletic adventures.

I thank those who have offered words of encouragement and to my long distance coach, Jenifer Upton. Hopefully, I can recover sufficiently to make you proud Jen!


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  1. Have you considered walking the race? Or wogging? Or short intervals? Eileen finished in around 3 hours last fall and walked the whole way. Teala could maybe even train up to walking it…

    Comment by Jen | April 17, 2011 | Reply

    • I have considered that. The main issue is that I am injured, severely. It is very difficult to deal with mentally as it appears as though I may not be able to meet my goal of running in the 1/2. I’ll have to see what the doctors say. Stay tuned. And by the way, Thanks!

      Comment by magnuminsp | April 17, 2011 | Reply

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