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Weight Training Day 22 Back and Shoulders!

Weight Training Back and Shoulders



Shoulder pull downs: Three sets of 10 using 140 lbs. for weight.

Seated row: Four sets of 10 using 200 lbs. of weight. This is all the weight the machine holds so now, I may have to find a different machine or ask the gym owners to get a better machine.

Shoulder shrugs: I do this exercise on the “Smith” machine as it allows you to maintain control of the weight, which in-turn, allows you to target the muscle you are trying to work. Three sets of 10 using 360 lbs. of weight.


Shoulder press: I did three sets of 10 reps with 150 lbs. using both arms.

Shoulder pull ups: I do these on the Smith machine. These are different from the shoulder shrugs as you only move the weight in front of you and you grip the bar with both hands and your elbows pointing out, parallel to the bar. Three sets of 10 using 70 lbs. as the weight.

The “21s”: For this exercise, you take two dumbbells and lift them straight up and out in front of you, seven reps. Then, you  place the weights at your stomach, and pull the weights out to each side, then back to the starting position, seven times. You then press the weight over your head, seven times.  For the second set, I lift the weight straight out and up seven times, then the second and third positions are the same. For the third set, I rotate my hands so my palms are facing up, and lift the weight straight out in front of me, seven times, then the other two exercises are the same.You do these three exercises all in a row, hence the name, the 21s.  There are alternate methods to perform this exercise, but, this is the one I prefer. Three sets of those using 20 lbs. of weight and the shoulder workout is done.

That is the workout for the day. Marshall is home sick, so I will have to wait to get the bike tuned up. I may take it for a spin tomorrow morning in lieu of the leg workout.


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