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Weight Training Day 20 and Running Update

Weight Training Day 20 Chest and Arms..light!


Sit ups: Three sets of 20 reps while holding a 45 lb. plate on my chest.

Standing machine: One set of 50 reps.


Bench Press: Three sets of 12 repetitions using 140 lbs. as the weight.

Flys: Three sets of 12 reps using 130 lbs. as the weight.


Preacher curls: Three sets of 12 reps using 60 lbs. as the weight.

Hammer curls: Three sets of 12 reps using 25 lbs. for the weight.


Rope pull-down machine:Three sets of 12 reps using 80 lbs. as the weight.

Seated tricep presses: Three sets of 12 using 30 lbs. as the weight, alternating arms.

This was followed by a five-mile bike ride on the new bike.

In an attempt to stay in shape, I purchased a new bike. A Schwinn “Trailway” 21 speed hybrid bicycle. It is part mountain bike and street cruiser. I got it at Target for $200.00 and for what I need it for, it is perfect. Until I can resume running, this should keep me in shape as well as help with weight loss.

Meanwhile, I am pretty sure I have solved the shoe issues. I have a pair of Brooks Addiction 9s for everyday use and Asics GT-2160s for running. I have jogged lightly in  the Asics, and even with the injured calf, it doesn’t really hurt much and these shoes are very comfortable. The Brooks shoes are also very comfortable but are too heavy to run in. It is amazing how a couple of ounces in weight is noticeable when you are running.

The New Balance shoes are sitting in their respective boxes awaiting their return to Zappos, as they are just not comfortable. There is also some sort of issue with the tongue on the right shoe that was irritating my foot.

Today I have to perform two home inspections and tomorrow is an off day. Monday will be a return to the gym for a heavy workout of chest and arms followed by a 10 mile bike ride! After that, I’ll take the bike to the bike shop to get the wheels “trued” and the bike will then be as good as it is going to get. I have already tightened and adjusted everything else.

Have a great weekend!!


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