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Running Day 27…….. Weight Training Day 17

Running Day 27 sort of………………

I have never recovered sufficiently from the calf injury I sustained three weeks ago. Although I made it through the 5K event, the calf is still very sore. My left heel is also very sore and I am pretty sure it has something to do with my shoes.

In order to stay in some sort of condition, I have been walking/jogging with the wife and Marshall every night for a distance of 1.2 miles. I tried to run, but, my calf starts to hurt after a few steps. The good news is that I figured out a way to run without hurting my left heel. I run placing all of the weight on the outside of my left shoe, and although it is awkward, it relieves the pressure on the heel.

On another front, Zappos came through and delivered my regular shoes, the New Balance MX608v2, and while walking in these last night, the pain in my left heel was almost gone! The right calf also didn’t cramp up and although these shoes are not designed for running, I can run in them to some extent. As these are stiffer, this tells me that I need a running shoe with more support than the Brooks Adrenalines I currently have.

We are going back to the running shop today to exchange them for either the Brooks Beasts or the New Balance MR1012s. The wife has to get some real running shoes as she appears to be serious about walking/running every night and her current shoes are hurting her knees.

I may just return my shoes and take two weeks off from running to make sure I heal, then, get some new shoes. Now that I know what I need, I can just order a bunch of shoes from Zappos and return the ones that don’t work. Speaking of Zappos, this place is great! You order your shoes and they arrive very quickly. If you don’t like them, you have one year to return them and the shipping is free, both ways! They upgraded my shipping on the latest order and I got the shoes the next day! They come from Kentucky and I don’t think our friends that live in Kentucky, Jen and Paul , can get here that fast!

Depending on what happens at the shoe store, the 1/2 marathon training may have to be put on hold. The weight training, on the other hand, is going quite well! I am maintaining my weight at 225 pounds, for now, as I am adding muscle weight while losing inches around my waist. It was nice to put my shorts on yesterday without having to unbutton them!

I am also getting stronger and as of yet, have had no setbacks with the  weight training program. After the first week as weak as I was, by my standards anyway, I was concerned that it would take considerable time to regain my muscle mass. Fortunately, my muscles remembered where they were and are showing up!

After three months of training, I will post the before and after pictures. The before picture will be from Christmas, and isn’t pretty as I was bloated and had also ballooned up to 240 lbs.

Today, hopefully, I’ll be able to find a shoe suitable for running, get the wife’s shoes, and, get a few small tasks done around the home. Sunday is going to be a relaxing day with the exception of smoking a Boston Butt on the Weber Q! That will appear on the blog Sunday or Monday morning.

Have a great weekend!

Weight Training Day 17 Chest and Arms..light!


Sit ups: One set of 50 reps.

Standing machine: One set of 50 reps.


Bench Press: Two sets of 20 repetitions using 90 lbs. as the weight.

Flys: Two sets of 20 reps using 100 lbs. as the weight.


Preacher curls: Two sets of 20 reps using 30 lbs. as the weight.

Hammer curls: Two sets of 20 reps using 15 lbs. for the weight.


Rope pull-down machine:Two sets of 20 reps using 40 lbs. as the weight.

Seated tricep presses: Two sets of 20 using 20 lbs. as the weight, alternating arms.


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