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5K Done and Done!!

I woke up at my usual 4:30 am and felt as good as I have in a couple of weeks. No real pain to speak of, anywhere. I decided, that I should complete the inspection report for yesterdays disaster condo inspection before I went running or anything else. I finished that task in a little over an hour. What to do now?

Teala woke up and so I made my usual mixture of No Xplode, took my vitamins and Nitrix, eliminated, and was feeling pretty good. Had two hard-boiled eggs, got Marshall ready and we were off.

We arrived at Nova University at about 7:45 am. The race officially starts at 9:00! I stretched, ran with Marshall and just wasted some time waiting to start.

Marshall and Daddy all warmed up!

I don’t who these girls were, but was glad they were there!

Mommy and Marshall

Finally, the start!

First off, although this is a charity event, better organization could have been done as it was just a jailbreak from start to finish. Strollers, walkers, handicapped people, you name it, all were in attendance! My grand plans of using this as a barometer went out the window fairly quickly.

For about the first 1,000 feet, it was just a clogged mess. There was nowhere to run and you were stuck! Fortunately, the road got wider and I took this opportunity to get in a little work. I started to jog just to test everything out. I ran 1/2 speed for about 600 feet, then looped around and came back to where Tealas group was and walked with them for a few minutes.

I felt pretty good, so at the next opening, I started running again and went outside of the main throng and ran for about five  minutes straight. I decided to loop back, still running, again to find Marshall and Teala and apparently, I looped too far back and ended up in back of them. Of course, I didn’t know this at the time!

I stopped and waited for them to catch up to me, not knowing they were already ahead of me. I decided after five minutes of waiting, that I would catch up to Tealas original group, where-ever they were, so I started running again. I continued to run for another seven minutes and my right calf started to twinge. It wasn’t a sharp pain, so I continued to run for another five minutes.

I was beginning to get thirsty. It was at this time, that I realized that the water was in Marshalls stroller! Fortunately, as we were nearing the end, there was a water station and my thirst was quenched. I never got tired which was a good thing, but my calf began to hurt again and instead of risking a setback, I decided to walk briskly back.

The total time running was roughly 20 minutes and the total time of the event was 55 minutes. The total distance between running back and forth several times was probably somewhere close to 5 miles. That would put me at roughly, 10 minutes per mile and if there were not so many participants, I could have finished the 5K in under 25 minutes running/walking.

Monday will be a return visit to the shoe store to see what can be done about the calf issue and a new issue that has cropped up. For whatever reason, my left heel hurts where the top of the heel hits my shoe. As for the rest of my body, my left knee was unfazed by the event. No pain whatsoever! Unfortunately, the right knee seems  to be aching.

All in all, a successful outing. I will now start to look for some races that are “real” races as part of my serious training regiment.

For the rest of the day, Margaritas poolside!


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