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Weight Training Day 11 …Legs!

As today is “Legs” day, there will be no running. I am also still bothered by the nagging right calf injury, which doesn’t appear to be going away. After a couple more days of rest, if it hasn’t healed, it will be time for a trip to the doctor to address the calf and while I am at it, see what can be done about the left knee issues.

Leg Workout

Warm-up: I started with 10 minutes on the stationary bike. After 10 minutes, I was warmed up and my heartbeat was 115 bpm.

Leg Press: Three sets of 10 reps using 360 lbs. for the weight, alternating legs. This was followed by three sets of 10 reps, using both legs with 540, 630, and finally, 720 lbs. as the weight. During stretching between the 540 and 630 lb. sets, my left leg locked completely up. It took a little bit of time to loosen it up, but it finally did.

The following exercises are done with no rest in between and give you the full “burn”! The total plate weight used are in parentheses. I remove four plates (540 lbs.) and do 1 set of 8 reps, then remove 2 more plates (450 lbs.), then do 1 set of 8 reps, then remove 4 plates (270 lbs.) 1 set of 10 reps, and then finish with 90 lbs., 1 set of 10 reps alternating legs on the last, 90 lb. set only.

Calves: While on the leg press machine, I did one set of 10 reps using 540 lbs. as the weight for my calf extensions. As my right calf was hurting, I only did one set of these. I will be stretching and massaging my calf today!

Leg extensions: Three sets of 10 reps, alternating legs using 55 lbs. as the weight.

Hamstrings: I did the reverse leg curl, three sets of 10 reps  alternating legs using 55 lbs. for weight.

Abdominals: No abs today!

This will probably be the max weight for the leg press although I may go up to 810 lbs. next week as that is all this machine holds. 😦 I will be adding more weight for the leg and hamstring exercises until I use up all the weight on those machines. By that time, my legs will be as strong as they can get, or need to be.

It should be noted, that I stretch between every set, today, legs, as well as whatever muscle group I worked the previous day. People have asked me why I am stretching my shoulders when I am working out legs. The stretching reduces most of the soreness and allows you to stay on track without having to take off a lot of days for rest.

So far, the leg workouts are accomplishing their task, adding muscle and size to my legs, while at the same time, burning fat from other areas.

Speaking of which, I am hovering around 223 lbs. which is acceptable for now. Whenever I start weight training, I usually gain five or six lbs. in the first 2 weeks. The weekends at the RenFest aren’t helping matters and of course, last weekend, it appears as though I got into something that contained gluten as I have been fighting the “bloat” for two days! Not to mention the added seven pounds which put me over the 230 lb. weight on Monday morning. 😦

Depending on how I feel in the morning tomorrow, I may or may not run. I am confidant that I will still be able to run at an acceptable level for the 5K heart run in 10 days and I planned on taking two days off before the run anyway. I would like to get a little more training in though!


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