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Running Day 22..Weight Training Day 9

Running Day 22

Since last nights test run went so well, I was very confident that today would be the beginning of a new chapter in this running odyssey. Unfortunately, the wife didn’t set the alarm to 4:30 am and the extra half hour of sleep, although appreciated, has thrown my whole day off! Waking up at 5:00 am causes issues. The first of which is that I was not able to perform my customary “elimination” of excess waste product. Now, I feel as though I am bloated and carrying extra weight. I also, probably didn’t stretch as much as I should have.

I began the run as normal with the exception, that today, I faced a 20 mph headwind! Of course, starting off into the wind is good as I will finish with the wind at my back. Immediately, the effects of the new shoes could be felt. My left foot was running “true” and there was no pain in my calf, knee, or any other part of my left leg. The right leg, however, is a different story!

The nagging right hip pain has returned, briefly, but it did make a showing. After 20 feet, that issue resolved itself. Moving along, my right calf began to tighten up. It was just tight and there wasn’t any of the stabbing pain that was present when I injured it three weeks ago. I continued the run adjusting my gait in order to relieve some of the pressure on my right calf. It was still tight but not unbearable. I was hoping it would just loosen up! It never did, but, it also never got any worse.

Half way through the first lap, I was greeted by a familiar friend, Patches, the neighborhood cat. Patches either doesn’t know the difference or the other animal that was with her doesn’t, between species! Rumor has it that we have a developing rabbit problem. Apparently, someone let their pet rabbit loose and now, said rabbit is breeding! I saw six rabbits during todays run! The rabbit in question, was rubbing against Patches and she was rubbing back, as cats often do. The rabbit almost came right up to me for some “lovin”!

After a brief stop to pet Patches, it was back to the run. I continued back to my house and began lap two. Half way through lap two, Patches and three bunnies were now setting in the neighbor’s yard, just watching me run. As there was no food forthcoming, the animals were content to let me pass without any interference!

Lap three began with tightness in my right calf, but no pain to speak of. I completed the third lap making the grand total 1 1/2 miles run, mostly non-stop. As the wife had to go to work early and I still wanted to get my workout in, 1 1/2 miles would have to be it for now. I will be doing wind sprints tonight and probably another mile and a half as well, sometime during the day, after I get back from the inspection.

Except for the tightness in my right calf, this was a good run. The new shoes definitely made a difference, but, I don’t think these are going to be the shoes I will run the Disney half in. They will probably be worn out by then and there may be something better for me. After tonight’s rest, massage, and bath, I will be resting the legs for the weekend. If all goes well, next week will begin the “real” training for the Disney half!

Weight Training Day 9 Chest and Arms..light!

Due to time constraints, today will be a real light day!


Bench Press: Two sets of 20 repetitions using 90 lbs. as the weight.

Incline Bench Press: Two sets of 15 reps using 90 lbs. as the weight.


Preacher curls: Two sets of 20 reps using 30 lbs. as the weight.

Hammer curls: Two sets of 20 reps using 15 lbs. for the weight.


Triceps pull-down machine:Two sets of 20 reps using 60 lbs. as the weight.

Overhead press: Two sets of 20 reps using 35 lbs. as the weight.

No abs today! πŸ™‚

Hopefully my calf loosens up and I can run tonight. That is when the next update will be.

I hope everyone has a good day! πŸ™‚


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  1. GREAT THAT it is all coming together with the shoes…

    Comment by bearrunner | March 4, 2011 | Reply

    • It is a “step” in the right direction! πŸ™‚

      Comment by magnuminsp | March 4, 2011 | Reply

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