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Running (Day 21) and Weight Training (Day 7)…… Canceled! :(

Yesterday was spent working as well as massaging and getting “treatment”, as the NFL players say with regards to injury, for my left leg. Although at first, I thought the calf injury would be minor, as the day progressed, this wasn’t the case.

As the day went on, my left calf began to swell and the pain increased. Last night I broke out the trusty HoMedics massager, Icy-Hot, and anything else I could think of in order to soothe my aching calf. All to no avail.

This morning I awoke to not only a sore calf, but a locked up left knee!I was able to unlock my knee, however, there is pain coming from somewhere under the kneecap. I don’t know how, but it appears as though I may have torn some meniscus…in my sleep! When I try to completely straighten out my left leg, it won’t straighten and there is pain in the joint. I suspect that this is one of these “setbacks” I knew would appear!

Fortunately, today is “Legs” day at the gym, so I will be taking the day off from running as well as weight training. Tomorrow, I will also take off from running as I am going to get fitted for new running shoes. I am fairly certain, that the ill-fitting shoes I am currently using, if not the problem, certainly are a contributing factor to the two leg injuries I have sustained so far.

I may also have to make the call to Dr. Baylis to see what we can do about whatever is causing my knee to lock up. If it is minor surgery, I’d like to get it done now in order to be ready for both my Spring Lake 2011 golf outing in August, as well as the Disney run in October.

I am hoping that with continued treatment and rest, I should be able to start running again by Thursday.

Stay tuned………………………..


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  1. Ho massager? Is that Dr.ho? Sounds like quite the couple days… It bites when injuries pile on top of each other.


    Comment by bearrunner | March 1, 2011 | Reply

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