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Running Day 20….Weight Training Day 6

From now on, I am combining the running and the weight training into one post. It will make it much easier!I’ll start with the running.

Running Day 20

Monday is always a bad day! I expect to be refreshed, but, as there was no rest to speak of over the weekend, I am still tired! I got up at 4:30 and performed my usual ritual. By 5: 00 I was ready to run. I stretched for five minutes, which apparently, wasn’t enough!

I made the first lap with ease. I wasn’t breathing heavy or sweating. During lap two, I stopped for a brief few seconds to pet the neighborhood cat, Patches, then continued on the run. Rounding the last corner, there was a stabbing pain in my left lower calf.  😦 I walked home and then, went to the gym. I figured since today is chest and arm day, I could stretch out the calf and everything would be OK. Didn’t quite work out that way.

As I sit here typing at 7:00 am, my calf hurts worse than before. I have icy hot on it now and will soak it and massage it later. Hopefully, that will make it feel good enough to get in another mile today as well as work out legs tomorrow. Not  the way I wanted to start off the week!

Weight Training Day 6 Chest and Arms..Heavy!

This week is one step closer to Power Factor Training. All of the sets will consist of heavier weight and in most instances, 3 sets of 8 repetitions. Next week begins very heavy weight and 5 sets of 6 repetitions. This method is used in order to build muscle and strength quickly. And, by looking in the mirror, my muscle mass has dwindled!

It should be noted, that the weight numbers are just the plate weights. They do not include bar weight, machine weight, or any other numbers. I do this because the machines tend to lessen the weight as opposed to, take for instance, the regular bench press with a bar and weights. The bar weighs 45 lbs. so the true weight on a bench would be 225 lbs. with four plates on the bar.


I started with the bench press. Three sets of 180 lbs. total weight, 8 reps.

Decline Bench Press: Three sets of 8 reps using 140 lbs. as the weight. As this is a true weight bench and not a machine, the actual weight is 185 lbs.

On to “Flys”. Three sets of 8 using 100 lbs. as the weight on the regular fly machine!. I prefer this machine to the other one as the other one has too many moving parts for me to worry about!


Preacher curls: 3 sets of 8 reps using 60 lbs. as the weight.Again, the bar weighs 45 lbs. so the actual weight is 105 lbs.

This was followed by individual curls on the bench using 25 lb. dumbbells, three sets of 8 reps.

This was followed by hammer curls, three sets of 8 reps using 20 lbs. for the weight.


Three sets of 8 reps for the triceps pull-down machine.100 lbs. was the weight used.

That was followed by three sets of 8 reps of overhead tricep presses. 55 lbs. was the weight used.


In the standing machine, three sets of 25 repetitions.

On the sit-up bench, three sets of 20.

I am sure I will be a little sore, but Friday will be the light workout which should get rid of the soreness. It has so far. There was no left over soreness from last weeks workouts, so everything is progressing as I expected.

Tomorrow, hopefully I can run, because, that is the main goal, to be able to run in the 1/2 marathon, and work my legs. Although it has only been two workouts, there is already a noticeable difference in my leg size. The wife claims this is “muscle memory”. We will see! Hopefully, my “muscle memory” is better than my regular memory! 🙂


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