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Weight Training..Day 4 Legs Part 2

After yesterday, anything, as far as atmosphere at the gym is concerned, would be an improvement. I arrived at the gym at 5:15 am. None of yesterdays crew were present, although, one “Cellphone Joe” was in attendance. He spent 45 minutes on the phone and occupying the shoulder press machine. In one of my future blogs I plan on sharing my thoughts on cellphones and the apparent parasitic relationship some individuals have with their phones. On to the workout….

Warm-up: I started with 10 minutes on the stationary bike as today is a light day for the leg workout. After 10 minutes, I was warmed up and my heartbeat was 110 bpm.

Leg extensions: Today, being a light day, I did three sets of 10 reps using 80 lbs. and both legs.

Leg Press: Two sets of 10 reps using 270 lbs. for the weight, alternating legs. This was followed by two sets using both legs with 540 lbs. as the weight. My left leg locked up after the first set, but was quickly manipulated back in place.

Calves: While on the leg press, I did two sets of 15 reps using 540 lbs. as the weight for my calf extensions.

Hamstrings: I did the reverse leg curl, three sets of 10 alternating legs using 40 lbs. for weight.

As I have to work later on today, I decided that I would give my abs a rest and also forgo the running for today. I feel strong, but sore, so I think my body needs a little rest.

It should be noted, that I stretch between every set, today, legs, as well as whatever muscle group I worked the previous day. People have asked me why I am stretching my shoulders when I am working out legs. The stretching reduces most of the soreness and allows you to stay on track without having to take off a lot of days for rest.

Tomorrow will be day two of chest and arms and Saturday and Sunday will be off days, for weight lifting at least. I may decide to run a mile or five! I will also post the weekly summary as well as my weight lifting table. I have also received permission to take pictures of the gym, so a review with pictures will be posted in the coming weeks.


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