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Running Day 18

As the wife had to go in early today to work, my running schedule was all thrown off! I got up at 4:45, but couldn’t run until Teala and Marshall  left for work/school. On the days that I work out body parts other than legs, I use the morning run as a warm-up and that way, I am ready to go when I get to the gym.

After they left, I started my run. I could feel right away that yesterdays leg workout had taken its toll on my legs. I decided to only run one mile today so as not to injure myself. I made it through the run with no problems, aches, pains or any other issues. Uneventful is the word that comes to mind! 🙂

There are issues that need addressing. Most importantly, the shoes. Every day, I find myself running a different way, shifting my weight from front to back, middle, etc. in my shoes, to get comfortable. I am trying to avoid injuring my calves, the right one in particular as it still hasn’t healed completely from the injury two weeks ago. I am also attempting to thwart off the onset of shin splints, which is a problem I have always had since I was a kid.

I have always run on the front of my feet. In every sport I played, I was also always “on my toes”. This does not go well with running long distances! I am constantly reminding myself to use my entire foot when running.

I am hoping that the new shoes will fix most of these problems. The only other issues are the fatigue factor in my muscles. I am not getting tired from a breathing standpoint, just my legs need to “come around”, and once that happens, I should be able to run as long as I want.

There is a 5K run that the wife wants me to run in while she runs/walks next month. This may be a good barometer of my progress. Then again, it may set me back!

Tomorrow is legs day again at the gym, but I plan on running before I go as a warm up.

Til tomorrow…………………..


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