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Running..Day 16

With aspirations  of running two miles today, I set out on this mornings run. I was guided by a beautiful full, bright moon, and the temperature was a cool, 70 degrees. No wind to speak of. In a word, perfect conditions! The only breathing issue is this nagging sinus condition left over from one of Marshall’s colds. The nasal wash helps for about five minutes, then, the build-up returns to my nose. The rest of the soreness from working on the Durango is gone. I also changed shirts for todays run. I switched from a T-shirt, to a “muscle” shirt with no sleeves. It isn’t tight around my neck and that seems to help my breathing. I am still looking for a muscle shirt that has a “V” collar.

As I began the first leg, I felt tightness in both calves. It then dawned on me, that mowing the yard yesterday, which if I stepped it off is probably a mile and a half, had taken its toll. After mowing the yard, my calves were tight. I stretched, took a bath, massaged my legs, and thought I got everything loosened up. Apparently not! It seems as though at least at this point, I require a full day of rest prior to running again.

By the 3/4 point of the first lap, my left calf started to get very tight. This required an adjustment of my brace. After that, I continued the run. By lap two, my legs were tired and just about spent. I was breathing fine and evenly. My body wasn’t tired, just my legs. I was thinking of incorporating the run-walk-run method, but decided to save that for next week. I started to feel a “stabbing” pain in my right calf, right where the previous injury occurred. I was almost done so I just gutted it out. I made it home without any injury.

When I got home, the clock read that 8 minutes had elapsed. Looks like the 16 minute mile requirement for the 5K has been exceeded! I am quite confidant that if I had to, I could run and finish a 5K now. I may not set any records, but I could finish, probably without stopping. I massaged my legs, stretched, and after Marshall goes to school, I’ll take a bath and put on some icy-hot. That should get me through the day.

It would appear that running further requires more recovery time. It also appears as though Wednesday is my best day for adding distance. Although I would prefer Monday or Friday to be that day, for now, it will have to be Wednesday.

I remember as a kid in football and wrestling practice, that there would come a point in our conditioning runs, where everything just “let go”. I felt like I could run forever. I am beginning to get that sensation now. I am not gasping for air or, today at least, not even breathing heavy. One of the benefits of this running is that I am sure my bottom-time when SCUBA diving will improve. I’d love to be able to stay down for an hour or more, like I did in my twenties! 🙂

On the weight front, I am currently at 221…one pound to go to get to the magic 220 pound weight. Although this is good, it has created a new problem. My shorts are all loose! I guess that is a good problem to have! I am going to wait until I get down to 210 pounds before shopping for new clothes. I think I actually may have some older shorts, that have never been worn, that I can try on. Maybe that will save me a trip to the store! I am still on pace to get to my goal weight of 200 pounds by August. By then, I also expect to be running much further as well as having done a trial 1/2 marathon. By the time October rolls around, I want to be able to run an entire marathon so that the Disney 1/2 marathon will, theoretically, be easier.

Today will be the day I select a gym. Although I would like to join the newer RetroFitness, it doesn’t open early enough for me to start at 5:30 and get home before the school zones kick in and Marshall waking up at 6:30. The Health Clubs of America opens at 5:30 and is closer to the house. Although this isn’t my favorite gym, I’d prefer a Golds Gym, it may have to do for the short-term.

Next week will be a week to step things up. Nightly wind sprints will be added as well as the weight lifting program. I finished the  weightlifting progress form yesterday and will take measurements Monday morning. The regiments will be Monday-Chest and arms, Wednesday–Back and shoulders–Friday–Chest and arms with running in the morning as the warm up and wind sprints at night. My back doesn’t need to get any bigger which is why there is only one day needed. My chest and arms, with the weight loss, are beginning to thin. A heavy day-light day regiment will cure that. Tuesday and Thursday will be “leg” days, heavy and light days respectively. Saturday and Sunday, for now, will be off days. That will probably change in a month or less, as I will be incorporating the “power-factor” training method for gaining muscle mass quickly.

Saturday and Sunday this week will be rest days as next week is going to be a big week.

Stay tuned………………………………


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