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Running Day 15 update

After yesterdays successful run, I was tempted to go out fora light jog this morning. Heeding the advise of my “coach”, I decided against it!

I suspect that rotating the tires and changing the oil on the Durango, would account for the soreness in my back and lats. I can’t see how running could have caused this soreness. The left knee, on the other hand…………………………..

Last night before I went to bed, I noticed slight discomfort, as the doctors call it, in the back of my left knee. This is a different type of discomfort than whatever causes it to lock up. That issue is still unresolved, although the brace has helped. After Teala goes to work and Marshall is in school, I’ll have to break out my trusty “Cryo-cuff” for a little ice time. This device could be the best swelling reducer ever invented!

I suspect that the longer run has caused some of the leg muscles to work a little harder and they are sore. At least, I hope that is all it is.My quadriceps are sore, which I think is a good thing. I have always enjoyed the feeling of slightly sore muscles. It means that you are doing something right!

Later today or tomorrow, I am going to get fitted properly for some running shoes as the “632”s really weren’t designed for running, and although they are an improvement from the running shoes I have, I think a better shoe will help. Today I will be scouting out gyms. Once I find a gym, I will change the running schedule to Tuesday, Thursday, and Saturday, as Monday, Wednesday, and Friday, will be leg weight training days. This should also keep things fresh, from a workout perspective.

Time to wake up “Five more minutes Daddy” Marshall! 🙂


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