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Running Day…15….1.5 miles!

As I had a day off yesterday, today was the day I was going to attempt running 1.5 miles. Friday was going to be that day, but due to the calf injury, it was postponed.

I was greeted with a cold slap in the face after leaving the front porch. The temperature outside was in the high 50s. This wasn’t going to help with either my breathing or any potential cramping issues. Not to mention, I am still recovering from the “RenFest mung” and this mornings nasal bath produced some rather disgusting results! I did the usual ten minutes of stretching and was ready to run. I started off on my normal pace. No problems after the first lap! 🙂

I continued running and on pace for lap number two. Still no issues! Lap three began just as the other two had. Half way through lap three, there was a slight cramping in my left foot arch. This was new! I suspect that has something to do with the shoes. More on that below.  At the same time, my quadriceps began to ache. This was also a new sensation! But I believe I know the cause.

After completing the third lap, I went inside and stretched for five minutes. There was no real pain, but, my left calf is a little sore. I am stretching it as I type! The mile and a half was completed in just over 16 minutes. I took it slow as I wanted to finish without injuring myself. Friday, I will attempt two miles. I probably could have done it today, but I have to constantly remind myself, that I am not 25 anymore and can’t run like I used least not yet!

My heart rate was 145 bpm and dropped very quickly to 114 bpm and is now back to its usual 68 bpm. At least my heart is in good condition!

I believe that the cause of the new aches and pains can be attributed to my shoes. The running shoes, as I have recently found out, have been discontinued. I think I know why! Those shoes appear to place a lot of stress on your calves, which in my case, although they are big and strong, still can’t carry 225 lbs. by themselves.

The cross-training shoes I am using now, the New Balance “632”s are much heavier, but, also place more of a load on my quadriceps, which normally wouldn’t be a problem for me, except that due to the surgeries on my left knee, the right leg is shouldering most of the load. Hopefully, a trip to the running shoe store, Thanks Jen :), will help with that issue.The other issue that has surfaced is that the brace on my left leg is interfering with my calf.

As I run, my leg muscles are getting bigger. The adjustment on the brace is fine when I start, but after one mile, I have to unbuckle the brace around my calf. I am hoping that by the time October gets here, I might be able to run without the brace. That would eliminate one problem!

I have some running around to do today as well as a few home chores, but hopefully, I will be able to find a gym and get started on the strength program.

So far, today has been a good day!

Now..time to wake up Marshall!


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