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Running…Day 14..Back with a Vengance!!

Today was the first day back running after the right calve incident. I did a good 10 minutes of stretching in the hopes that there would be no more incidents. It seems to have worked!

After stretching, I decided that today, I would take the advise of my friend and long distance running coach, Jen, and go for some endurance and back off on the speed. I also made a switch in shoes.

My running shoes are the New Balance “400”s which may be designed for all out running and not jogging. The second I put these shoes on, I noticed that my body is canted forward and there was a lot of pressure on my calves. The regular shoes, the New Balance “623”s, seem to be a more level shoe.

The goals today were:

  1. To complete the entire mile non-stop, and,
  2. Not to repeat any injuries.

I was successful on both endeavors!

After tromping around the RenFest for four hours yesterday, as is always the case, all sorts of dust and debris ends up in my nose. The usual salt water nose cleanse revealed that there was plenty of debris in my nose. The sink was almost black after the cleanse. This made breathing difficult, but I still managed to complete one mile, with little difficulty. There was no pain to speak of in either leg, however, the hip pain returned for a few moments until the familiar “crack” was heard, then, all was well.

When I returned home, I stretched for another 10 minutes and so far, everything seems OK.

It would appear that my 50-year-old body is letting me know that I am not 25 anymore!

Tomorrow will be an off day and Wednesday and Friday will be the next running days. This will be the continuing pattern as next week, I will hopefully start the weightlifting program and Tuesday and Thursday will be “Leg” days.


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  1. I’m not an expert, not by any means… glad to hear today felt better.

    If you’re gonna stick with this, it might be worth a trip to the “real running shoe” store. Let them take a look at your old shoes & your gait and make a recommendation.

    Comment by Jen | February 14, 2011 | Reply

    • Thanks Jen!
      You may not be an “expert” but you can run further than I can!
      Where exactly would one of these real running shoe stores be located? Or, just a name of one would be good.

      Today actually went great. No pain at all. I am going to take a day off in between runs in order to recover.

      I also discovered a New Balance store in Boca, that can fit me with the proper shoes.

      Comment by magnuminsp | February 14, 2011 | Reply

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