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Running…Day 8!

After a week off, it was time to “pound the pavement”! After a light stretch, I began the first lap around the block. There was no pain anywhere, including the nagging hip and left knee!

I stopped after the first lap to stretch. It probably wasn’t needed as nothing was getting tight. Finished the second lap with no stops or pain!

As I type, I am developing a nice sweat and there is a little soreness in my right calf. Some stretching and a hot shower should take care of that.

Total running time was just over seven minutes. I am going to try to trim that down to five and a half minutes by the end of the week.

In conclusion, it seems that the world trip around Disney followed by a weeks rest has done some good. I was refreshed and could probably easily run another mile without much of a problem.

I don’t know what that “couch to 5K” program is, but, I think I am ahead of it. This week I will attempt to get the time down for the mile. I don’t want to overdo it as the “Tour de Bar” is this weekend and I need to save some energy for that. The whole diet will be thrown off by alcohol, which I am limited to because of the gluten issue. I can’t ride a bike and consume Tequila Sunrises all day! That was already attempted and the results were less than satisfactory! I will have a supply of Redbridge beer in the cooler on the bike, and take one “shot” when we reach the Briney Pub. Of course, the Briney is where most injuries take place, as it is near the end of the tour, so I will try to stay upright!

All in all…………….a great run to start the week off with!! 🙂

Here is it six hours after the run, and my right calf is still tight! This can’t be good!


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