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Running, day 2

As I felt so good after yesterdays run, today, I decided to pick up the pace. I started with some light stretching and apparently, more of that is required, checked the clock, and off I went. The same route was followed as yesterday. The breathing was controlled from the first step and the running pattern was no longer the “clunk-clunk” but, more of a pitter-patter.

As in yesterdays run, the last portion was a sprint, still at about 3/4 speed. It was wet out and I didn’t want to wipe out on the second day!

Upon returning home, I checked the clock and the run today lasted 4 minutes. Trimmed a whole minute off of yesterdays run! Getting back to the stretching, my calves are tightening up, which has always been a problem for me. This happens whenever I ride a bicycle or any other type of leg work. After a period of time, this goes away and I can ride a bicycle all day, if needed. I suspect tomorrows attempt at two laps will tell the story. Later today I am going to measure exactly how far it is that I am running.

So far, there has been no pain whatsoever with my knee. There are other areas such as my back, calves, and Achilles tendons, but I think that will subside once I do some more running.

So far, pretty good considering I was told that “I would never be able to run again”!


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