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The Mako Electronics project

At the last trial run, the radio fell apart as the bracket broke. The compass, it was discovered, was cracked in several areas and leaking oil. The fish-finder finally crapped out. And, the drink holder also cracked from the heat.

I took out the radio and put it all back together. To my surprise, turned it on and everything still works. I then reinforced the box that the radio mounts to and that project is finished.

Another trip to West Marine where I picked up the Garmin 160C fish finder. I used the old transducer wiring to pull the new transducer wiring in, hooked everything up, and all is well. As I have the Garmin 2006C GPS, the controls for the fish finder are similar and the unit was up and running in no time.

Next came the compass. The old compass was a big thing with a six inch wide base. I couldn’t find one that was that size. I determined that a smaller one would do and being removable would help in the longevity department. A smaller unit also allowed me to install drink holders right on top of the console..where I can get to the drinks! I’ll install another one on the port side later.
Speaking of installation, I didn’t want to drill anymore holes in the top of the console, so, I decided to use the industrial double-stick tape for the compass bracket and the drink holder. The compass came with its own patch which inspired me to use the double stick tape for the drink holders. We’ll see how that holds up!

Next outing if all holds, will be Monday. This will be an actual fishing expedition so hopefully, not only will I make it out and back, but, there may also be fish present in the boat as opposed to around it!

Stay tuned…………………………


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